I was 11 years old in 1962, when my parents moved our family to Laguna Beach California rom Fullerton California. I grew up on the coast and graduated from Laguna Beach High School. It was an exciting time to be a youth. My brothers and I took up surfing. Brooks Street, Doheney, Dana Point, San Onofre were some of our favorite places to go. I learned to surf on a 10 foot long board Which I still own today. I love to surf, Skateboard and play guitar. In 1965, I appeared in a number of Fender Guitar ads. The one that many still remember is the “You Won’t Part with Yours Either” A young blond boy age 14 is riding down a sidewalk in Laguna with a Fender Stratocaster in his arms. After starting a surf band in the 60’s called the “Sound Vendors” I had the opportunity to spend a summer in Hawaii with a friend surfing and picking pineapples. I still have not parted with my long board or my guitar. The music I learned to play at a young age was surf music. Dick Dale, The Chantay’s, Ventures and the Shadows were some of my favorite groups that influenced my music and style greatly as did my personal experiences growing up on the coast of California. These wonderful memories coupled with my occupation as a producer of television, video and film programming, continued interest in composing music, and outdoor experiences with my children became the inspiration behind this music. “FRESH SURF®” is sparkling fresh original surf music compositions that the young and old can relate to. This original music is designed to change tempo and mood much like the waves of sea. Surfing can be fast and furious but it can also be reflective, peaceful and sanctifying to the soul. The music has a certain positive feel to it that will make you want to listen to it again and again. Even if you don’t surf, or have only tried it a few times, the music will still inspire and create images in your mind of waves, seagulls friends, the ocean and precious moments you will remember from years back. The Lon Gibby Fresh Surf CD. “Music that brings surfing to Life”. Thank you for letting me share it with you.